Hey Fearless Swiftie
Haters gonna hate, Swifties gonna love but your legacy keeps us tied together through the storm



Prime example of why girls are jealous of Taylor Swift. ;)

This is why guy swifties are my favourite people ok


ill let you all finish but taylor and joe had the best shade of all time




Harry Styles & Taylor Swift as royals

speak now tour + outfits


To everyone saying Taylor is homophobic.

“In other fashion news, my red carpet dress weighed about 400 pounds. Actually, about 30. But it was still heavy. It was like dragging around two small children, dangling from my ankles. And it made a lovely jangling noise whenever I walked. It was made out of huge jewels, platinum chips, and other metal-ish things that would fall off at random intervals throughout the night.. and my dad would reach down and pick each one up and say “Ebay.” Whenever people would ask me what it was made of, I’d just say I broke a mirror, dipped myself in glue, and rolled around in it.”

Taylor Swift Myspace Blog

November 14, 2008

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ahh yes

andrea cried every night on her guitar over high school hunk drew hardwick

plot twist: it was andrea dancing with jake in the refrigerator light